Engineering Rubber Since 1972



Kurwa Rubber was incorporated in 1972, looking at the necessity for suppliers of quality Rubber Products to Indian Industries, under the guidance of Mr. K.T. Kurwa, who was one of the pioneers in introducing Synthetic Rubber Products in India along with the dynamics of Mr. Chetan Kurwa.

Looking at the Industrial revolutions & growth in 1970's, we started manufacturing & Trading of specialised Rubber components required for critical services (High Temp/ pressures/ corrosions etc.) and successfully fulfilled the needs of many Industries throughout India, especially the Chemical, Fertilizers, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical Units and the OEM's.

This was our road to success and we shortly diversified into Rubber Lined Valves for critical services and operations and further entered the field of Rubber Bladders and inflatables in 2005. Our Quality products have empowered various Industries to execute Technological marvels and derive greater outcome in implementing advanced Projects.

Our precision QC inspection of each component manufactured and the process control on production has reduced our rejection levels drastically. This allows us to better our prices to our customers. Our quality system ensures that products are made accurately at the first time, with perfect dimensions which are to our customer's need & satisfaction.

We also successfully design & develop products as per our customers’ requirements with consideration on critical service conditions such as temperature, pressure, strength etc. This has evolved our motto of TRUST THROUGH QUALITY to a higher orbit of excellence. Our Quality and delivery ratings with most of our ISO/UL/WRAS Certified customers has been Grade-A on a consistent basis.



  • To design, make prototypes & manufacture finest quality of Rubber Products
  • To design, make prototypes & manufacture finest quality of Rubber Inflatables & Bladders
  • Our continued commitment to incorporating new manufacturing methods
  • To create new formulations of Rubber compounding for promoting business practices that respect the Earth and the Environment

OUR strategy

  • Strict Quality control
  • Competitive pricing based on volumes
  • No compromise in quality at any stage
  • Technical understanding of the product environment
  • Timely deliveries
  • Log data and supply management
  • Product traceability


  • To offer best Technical Rubber Product solutions for various Local & Global Industries
  • To design & create complicated Rubber products using simplified analytical data
  • Offer wider range of Rubber Products under one roof
  • To have a KIPFLEX product running in every country around the globe
  • To educate new users with our Experience of 45 years in the field
  • Create alternative eco-friendly polymer formulations from Organic ingredients